Blake Gold Ring the man of versatility

It takes hard work, dedication and passion to reach the heights in different areas of life especially in the career. Success is not easy but at the same time it is not impossible. The true passion with sincere efforts will drive a person towards success. The success of the person is completely on his or her passion towards the goal.

Passionate for success

The person with passion for the goal will not be ideal at any point of their career. Such is a man, Mr Blake Goldring, the one of the prolific Canadian business man, philanthropist, business leader and entrepreneur. He is a genuine leader with heart full of passion for achievements.

AGF Company

Mr Blake Goldring is the chairman and executive of AGF company, the successful business that serves for the institutional and retail investors regarding investment management. The success of his firm proves the number of retail and the institutional investors benefited through the investment management services the firm has rendered.

Birth of non-partisan organization 

There are a lot of achievements to mention about him as he has been a successful philanthropist and leader in many areas of specialization apart from investment management. His servicing heart extended its charity that birthed the company called Many Ways to Serve. This company is founded by blake goldring by the year 2006 and the objective of this company is to unite the community leaders regarding supporting the Canadian Military families.

Steps of sincerity

After finishing his graduation he was working in a bank and then joined in AGF. His proven abilities and skills with passion and commitment towards his works and objectives have lifted him from one level to another level in AGF. His achievements in the given tasks have made the management of AGF to appoint Blake Goldring as Chairman and CEO of the company.  He is faithful over all duties given to him and his leadership skills and other talents were great contribution for the growth of AGF to a billion dollar company. He is a person to follow and learn and he is been in too many social and community positions. He is a great example for versatility.