The Hunt for a Leader

Management is about doing things right; leadership is about doing the right things.Leaders are often considered to be the actual drivers of innovation and progress in acompany. Leaders can affect the productivity, morale of the employees and revenuegenerated. Most people want instructions to be given, and they are good at performingtasks, not driving the organization forward. A good leader must be able to get a right amountof work from their employee and must continue to inspire them so that they produce high-quality work.

A good leader is often the critical factor that can distinguish between success and failure ofan organization. If a person is unable to bring the best out of his employees, the generalproductivity and morale of the company will go up.

Finding an individual with such leadership qualities can be a cumbersome and taxing job.While an interview may help in assessing an individual, it takes a lot of effort. With severalhundred applicants for a particular post, it might not be practical to hold a 1-hour interviewfor each of them. A simple solution to this is-an online leadership assessment test to hire candidates with leadership skills.

The Online Assessment

The assessment is a psychometric test. It is used to test the mental capability and behaviouralcharacteristics of a person. It is often used to measure the suitability of an individual for aparticular role in an organization. Several large organizations find it challenging to evaluatethe leadership qualities of an individual. As online assessment can make it much simpler toget a brief overview of the candidate’s capability and skill,the assessment may also helpgive the interviewer an idea of the ability of a candidate. This will allow them to ask questionsdepending on the report generated by the assessment.

The assessment is generally used for mid high-level management profiles, including that ofDirector, President, Chief Executive Officer, and other similar positions. It is of utmostimportance to be able to effectively evaluate people applying for such high positions. Anerror in judgment can prove costly to an organization.The assessment will test the personality profile, the cognitive ability and abstract reasoningof anyone who takes it.

Personality Inventory

This exam tests the behaviour and personality of an individual. It asks questions aboutleadership and the skills associated with it. It often gives a good overview of a person’sthought process and how they handle any situation.

Cognitive Ability

This section tests the strategic and critical thinking of a person. A leader must be able tocome up with unique and innovative solutions wherever required. Out of the box thinking is anecessary skill for any leader.


Abstract Reasoning

This section measures the lateral thinking ability of an individual. Observing and identifyingpatterns is of utmost importance to any leader. They must be able to figure out gaps in themarket and figure out ways to bridge that gap. In doing so, they will bring profits and revenueto the organization and take it forward.

Research has shown that testing these abilities of a candidate gives an excellent metric ofthe leadership skills of an individual. Online assessments are an excellent way to get suchan overview.