Anadriol – A Comprehensive knowhow

Anabolic are manufactured for medical reasons and they are very strong in nature and hence they should be used as prescribed and only for medical purposes. However, their abuse and misuse by many body builders and athletes has led the government of many countries to take the necessary steps in avoiding the use of this for health reasons. The only aspect in which the anabolic steroids stand first to testosterones is building muscles. Steroids do commendable job in fetching the lean and strong ripped muscles. It also brings several changes in mood.

Anadriol – the purpose

Purpose of andriol 50:- This steroid is one of the most famous among many and is prescribed by many physicians. The first purpose is

  • Mass builder: – the steroid makes an individual fit in terms of muscle mass with appropriate weight and gain. It significantly boosts up the strength. The results of using this steroid are very rapid. Within 4 to 6 weeks of intake, one can find a noticeable difference.
  • Performance improver: – Andriol is not a base steroid but a secondary steroid that shall be used in stacks to get the desired results. They have to be stacked with base steroids like testosterone in order to make it work as a great energy supplement.
  • Mid cycle use: – In the course of using a stack, one experiences a situation where the body does not show any changes. That means it is the time to call for a change in terms of workout or diet or the supplements you take in. In the mid of a cycle Anadriol can be stacked to yield the desirable results.

Anadriol is best used during the mid cycle period. This is the time when Anadriol will boost up the performance levels of the other steroids taken along with it. The gains continue and you will see that you will shed fat along with muscle gains. Anadriol needs a rich carb diet to give a boost your gains and do so further.

  • It is used for treating the deficiency of red blood cells which are termed as anemia. It treats several kind of anemia like aplastic anemia where there occurs a situation when bone marrow stops production of red blood cells; it also treats Myelofibrosis where there occurs enlargement of spleen.
  • Body building is the obvious reason one opts for Anadriol, it tones the muscles.
  • It also changes in mood
  • Fat levels come down. Excess fat levels make one lazy and thus make one be a low performer in the gym.

Since it is a highly potent drug, it is feared that women may be harmed whilst using it for bodybuilding and fat loss. But virilisation is a great fear that has spread but this can be avoided by not taking high dosages and prolonging the usage of Anadriol can cause these problems.  But starting with low dosages will help avoid these problems. Always taking breaks after cycles and PCT will help the body to recover faster.