Just Eat looks to make catering equipment savings

Just Eat has become an essential restaurant delivery service in the UK, and the brand is always looking at ways it can streamline the customer experience, cut costs and offer a better service.

With an estimated £10 billion going through the Just Eat platform annually, it is easy to see just how popular this service is. To put it into perspective, that equals an average of 2 million orders delivered weekly just within the UK.

Even brands like Amazon are branching into the food delivery sector and it is clear that competition in this area is also at an all-time high. Now, Just Eat has announced that they are exploring how they can do something in the kitchen equipment space, and the results could be quite interesting!

Exclusive Offerings On the Table

Just Eat has devised a number of offers and packages that are exclusive to its restaurant partners, and these include a partnership with a global card partner and the chance to purchase commercial catering equipment such as that available at https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/. These add-on services are designed to help restaurants save, and they benefit Just Eat as they forge a solid relationship with their suppliers.

A spokesman has said that the restaurants are loving the introduction of these new services. There really isn’t anything in it for Just Eat, but it benefits the restaurants hugely. The Just Eat business model remains the same, with them taking 14 percent on every order, but they are now helping restaurants save simply by offering cut-price rates for a variety of necessary services.

Catering Equipment a Key Sector

Kitchen hardware is a major cost for all restaurants, and a survey conducted by Just Eat pinpointed this as an area to focus on. They are now in talks with various restaurant manufacturers to get them on board and secure better deals for the many restaurants that form part of their delivery service.

With so many contacts in the industry, Just Eat is a valuable player, and those in the catering equipment trade are sitting up and taking notice because they could easily have a slew of new clients on their doorstep if they choose to collaborate with the brand. Just Eat seems intent on being more than a delivery service, and they are succeeding.