Which is the better? Rubber flip-flops or leather flip-flops

Flip flops are the recent casual footwear. They have been evolved upon slippers to have the benefits of slippers minus the shortcomings that the regular slippers had. They have a wider strap to hold the feet as compared to the regular slipper. Although the slipper style of footwear is believed to have been originated from the ancient Egyptians some 1400 to 1500 before Christ, but the flip flops have been inspired by the Japanese traditional wear called zori. The soldiers which went to fight in japan brought these back to the United states where these became famous as a new type of footwear. These are known by different names around the world nowadays. Where it is generally known as flip flops in US and also in the general market, it is called no heel sandals in UK, Australians went on to the extent of naming them thongs whereas the New Zealand has the name jandals from Japanese sandals reserved for them.

The flip flops have been there for quite a long time now these are very useful in the daily life where these are very efficient in providing protection to the human feet from the uneven ground and the injuries it may cause had the foot come into direct contact with it. But also on the other hand the design of the footwear is very much responsible for the various other injuries caused to the foot of the wearer. Thus, although it is a outdoor wear but it is not for rough and tough terrain.

The flip flops are made up of two different materials owing to the design they are to be finally moulded to and the type of customer base they are to cater to. These are made up of leather and foam or rubber. These materials do not much create difference in designs these days because the modern technology the bridged that gap and now the leather can also be shaped to give the similar design as that of the moulded leather.

The very question that arises is of comparison that which is better among the two? Are the leather flip flops better or the rubber ones hold an upper edge? Well to answer that it become quite obvious on the philosophical level that for every leather product rejected by you from buying will result in less poaching of animals which no doubt still goes on illegally in some countries but on the other bases as well, rubber flip flops are much better because of many reasons which are actually the differences between the slippers of leather and those of latex.

Rubber slippers are spongier, elastic, and they are more shock absorbing thus they are more reliable in protecting the soles of our feet from external agents, they are more likely to withstand forces when leg slips accidently due to elasticity and due to their sponginess, they are much more comfortable than the leather shoes.

Rubber flip flops due to the material used in them can be worn anywhere and very easily in places where you are likely to come in contact with water. The leather ones will get damaged once it comes in contact with water.

Due to the easy processing and availability of the raw material the rubber flip flops are cheaper than leather ones and long lasting as well.