Facts about baby movements

With the aid of a pregnancy kick counter when you are in a position to feel the first kick of the baby then things are really good.

When is the time where the first set of movements needs to be felt?

In an ideal situation most women tend to face the first movements of the baby between 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. If you describe the movements of a baby it could be a roll or a kick. This movement is going to change as and when your pregnancy progresses.

What is the duration the baby should keep on moving?

You cannot pinpoint any set of normal movements. The baby is going to have their own set of movements which you will be getting to know. From around 16 to 24 weeks you will face the baby to move and this is going to be more till 32 weeks which is going to stay roughly till the time you are in a position to give birth.

What is to be done if you tend to notice a reduction in the movements of the baby?

If you are of the opinion that the movements of the baby have reduced or stopped considerably, then get in touch with your doctor or maternity unit at the earliest.  In case of the unit it is operational round the clock. The general suggestion is that you should not put off things to the next day and there is no need to phone. It is of utmost importance to figure out whether the movements of the baby have stopped and only a doctor will guide you on that. At no point you should use phone apps or Doppler monitor to check the heartbeat of your baby. Even if the heartbeat is ok no way it means that the baby is ok.

What would be the indicator if you notice that the movements of the baby are reduced once again?

Once the check-up is done and if you are still not satisfied with the movements of the baby then it is suggested to get in touch with the maternity unit straight away. This could mean that even if things were normal the last time as well. No point you should hesitate them for advice as this could happen any number of times as well. In this regard a baby kick counter would be of immense help as well.

Why is the movement of the baby considered to be important?

First of all the baby movements indicate the health of a baby. If you notice that there is a massive reduction in terms of movements it is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor immediately. In case of mothers who had a still birth noticed that the movements of the baby had gone on to reduce drastically.

To conclude there are some myths as well. The babies are not going to move less towards the fag end of pregnancy. You need to be in a position to feel the baby till the movement you head to labor.