Is opting for a permanent tattoo during pregnancy a sensible idea

You are over the moon because of the precise fact that you are pregnant. You would want to show it to the whole world that you are pregnant and a semi tattoo during pregnancy works out to be a desired phenomenon. If you are thinking on these lines, then before you step on to the tattoo parlour do give sufficient amount of weightage to the following points.

To undertake the process you would need to speak to your doctor. Most of them advise women against opting for one and there are reasons valid to a large extent. Each woman is different and you are not aware on how the inks or dyes will have an impact on the growing baby. Though the use of chemicals that is limited in nature is not harmful for the mother, but it can have a bad effect on the baby. Any permanent tattoo during pregnancy is not recommended till you reach across to the final trimester of pregnancy. The general advice that doctors follow is to ask you in waiting till your pregnancy is over before you plan to get inked

In hindsight if a doctor gives thumbs up for you to avail a tattoo, and then comes the most important aspect of choice of a tattoo artist. There are some rules to be followed in this regard

  • Do not opt for a tattoo artist who is not licensed or registered. You would need to take into account that the artist is reliable and experienced at the same time
  • Going under the ink could be a great feeling, but small matters deserve a lot of attention. The artist should only use disposable needles and wear gloves during the process. The inks or dyes which are used by them needs to be nicely sealed or packed
  • Almost all the tattoo parlours need to be having an autoclave that is a sterilizing unit. The tiny details about the environment need to be spot on. Ensure that you pay a couple of visits to the parlour to figure out whether they do pay a lot of importance to hygiene

If you have finally decided to proceeding to a tattoo parlour, then do evaluate the pros along with cons of this decision. This is a slight risk of contracting infections in the form of hepatitis B or HIV during the course of this session. It would not be a bad idea to wait till the baby is born. There is no information in proving the fact that the dyes can have negative impact on the growing baby. In the first few weeks, you need to exercise a lot of caution with numerous things and this does include tattoo ink as well. The few studies that have been part of till now have not lead to concrete results.

To conclude tattoos are there for the rest of your life. It is your decision whether you want to opt for it when you are pregnant. But it is suggested that you wait till pregnancy is done and dusted.