The recovery phase after a knee replacement surgery

The rehabilitation and recovery phase of a patient is the most crucial aspect on route of recovery. It does help the patient in the following ways

  • You can go on to leave the hospital sooner
  • The lost strength along with motion of the knees is recovered quickly
  • You become more independent soon
  • Any form of complications are avoided

Once a surgery is over the patient is able to leave the hospital with a day or two. Most of them can take care of themselves and  take part in daily activities 6 weeks after the surgery. In majority of the cases the recovery phase is a mere 3 months, though it can differ on a case to case basis as well. In case of some patients the normal time line cannot be followed. Examples of such cases are

  • Patients who have gone to do knee strengthening exercises are able to recover more quickly in comparison to patient who have not done any exercise
  • If you are into smoking or drinking the recovery phase will be a bit longer.

The deviation from the normal course of recovery would be something you cannot go on to predict. In fact all these differences are ok till the patient along with the surgeon aligns on a common recovery path.

During the first 24 hours of the surgery the patient will be given general anaesthesia. This would be to eradicate the feeling of numbness in the legs. Once you get relief from pain the patient will be advised to walk a few steps. In fact patients who have some amount of weight on their knees are known to recover more quickly in comparison to other patients.

In case of some doctors or surgeons they will ask you to restore to CPM once surgery is over. It works on the affected leg which bends and then goes on to straighten the leg. All this is done when the patient is lying on the bed. As a patient you can go on to use the machine for more than 8 hours a day. This is between sleep therapy and sleeping

On the basis of evidence it emerges that CPM helps to restore the motion of the legs quickly. It could lead to a faster discharge from the hospital as well. At home you may be asked to use CPM on your route to recovery

Though a point to be mentioned is that all insurance companies do have CPM as part of their coverage schedule. On the other side of the coin most patients are shown the discharge route once the pain in the knees goes on to reduce. Though the category of discharge depends upon the patient along with the hospital case of some hospitals the knee would just need to bend around 80 degrees.

Knee replacement in India happens to be among the most sorts out operations. They are a lot of hospitals and quality surgeons who go on to do a great job.