What occurs during pregnancy’s 10th & 11th week?

As the pregnant mother enters the final stage of the 1st trimester, pregnancy’s 10th & 11th week does hold some vital changes. There takes place few interesting changes during these weeks, which the new mother is sure to find it exciting and amazing. The fact is each and every pregnant mother is sure to welcome the 1st trimester’s final weeks. Changes tend to take place with each passing day of pregnancy period. However, it is only when the women enters her 10th week that she is in a position to relate with her baby. With this week, she is able to experience more love and a growing bond with the unborn baby, as she is able to feel and hear the thunderous sound of her baby’s heartbeat. It is at this point of time that she is able to hear her little one’s heart beats from within the womb. It is considered by many as powerful like thunder, as there are no precise words to describe the surprise and joy experienced by the mother of getting to about life within her.

Importance of the 10th week

Besides the heartbeat, 10th week also is highlighted by numerous significant changes, which takes place on the physical structure of the baby, including toe formation and opening of eyes. It is the time, when the baby grows big enough to get weighed. The baby presently measures around inch and half. The 10th week of pregnancy is also quite remarkable, since the mother is able to feel the transformation of the embryo into a fetus and full grown baby.

This period is also regarded to be the final stage of embryonic period. It will be useful to welcome the fetal period, as the baby grows rapidly with each moment. It is during this time that pregnant mothers are to avoid toxins. This is to ensure that the baby growing inside is healthy and free from all types of issues. Otherwise, chances of damage caused to the fetus are present. Using kick counter wristband is sure to help the would-be parents to get to know the kicking of the fetus from inside the womb.

Importance of the 11th week

This week is said to be marked with slight breathing movements taking place in the womb that can be seen through ultrasound equipment. The baby can develop good chest muscles and enjoy proper regulation of lung fluid with good breathing patterns. Muscular development is said to come with the baby’s movement with the legs and arms following the uterus position. Such movements often are mistaken by the mothers as gastric problems. During this stage, women are completely free from morning sickness.

According to the medical experts, the final first trimester weeks are realization of smell and taste senses. The mother is to take extreme precaution to ensure that no hassles take place with the baby or the delivery. Choosing pregnancy kick counter bracelet can be a wise option made to follow the activities of the growing baby within the womb.