How to Put RO Waste Water in Best Uses

Reverse Osmosis is a purifying technique that provides the best and pure water to households and in offices as well. If you still do not have the same in your house then you need to contact an Aquaguard complaint number. By contacting the same, you can know about RO and if you have any complaints, you can inform that too.

It must be not known to you but RO water systems have a drawback and that is if you are getting 3 liters of water daily then you will get only 1 liter of pure from the same, the two more will be wasted. However, this can’t be seen as a drawback entirely, because, you can always make use of the wastewater in other works in your house and it will always give you the best result. Thus, here we have listed the other types of usage of RO waste water to help you.

  1. Wash your car

Car washing is done generally by not so pure water but if you try doing the same with RO waste water, then you will see the change from the previous washes to this one. There will be a big difference on the shine of the car and your vehicle will look like a new one. If you are using soap to clean the surfaces then it will be a better thing and all the hard stains will go away easily. You can clean the interior of your car with the RO water as well.

  1. For plants

You must have plants in pots in your balcony or have a small garden, then you need to water them too. For this work, you can always use the RO waste water and the plants will become healthier than before. The waste ones are infused with all the special elements and it will not be the best for the human body but for plants, it will be a good option always. The high sodium, in the same, will help in fertilizing the soil and the plants will get to recover their health properly.

  1. Mopping the floor 

If you start using the RO waste water for the mopping of your house floor or office floor then the lost shine will come back. The TDS level in this water is higher and the same help in cleaning the hard stains on the floor. If you use RO waste water for mopping on alternate days then there will be no chance of salt stored on the surface.

  1. Get shiny utensilsAquaguard complaint number

When you are washing the utensils, you can always use RO waste water and it will make it all shiny. You can always have a bucket of the same water at the side of your kitchen sink and you can use them at the time of washing the utensils.

  1. Flushing your toilet

Make use of the wastewater for flushing of the toilet and cleaning the bathroom. This way you will find a cleaned restroom and the wastewater will come to better use as well.

Last but not least, you can use the RO waste water for washing clothes too. Thus, take note of these points and use the same for various works.