What is a Demit Facade And Why Is it so Good

Do you know that most heat energy is lost through the external walls – as much as 30%? Demit facade is today the most popular thermal insulation facade, so if you want to install it on your house, look at the guide that we have prepared for you and get in touch with us today.

Demit facade is popular for many reasons: it reduces construction costs because it is done on a thinner outer wall (21 or 25 cm), it is installed very quickly and it is relatively cheap because the facade is not needed to be plastered before. If done well, the lifetime is about 30 years.

Adhesive for demit facade

The base of the demit facade is made of styrofoam with different thicknesses (from 5 cm to 8 cm). It adheres to the substrate with appropriate adhesives for styrofoam. It is an extremely important way of applying adhesives to the styrofoam boards. The adhesive is applied to the edges of the plate to achieve the effect of an isolated space. If the adhesive is not applied well, there is a problem with condensation and weakened insulation, and the lifespan of the facade decreases.

On the economic side, the price is not the same for 5 and 8 cm styrofoam materials, but better insulation will pay off very quickly this difference.

After plates are placed on the facade they are additionally fixed with another special plastic materials. The whole surface of the facade is carefully leveled.

The demit facade net

A protective mesh is placed on this coated facade. The joints of the two meshes work with about 10% of the overlap, and it is necessary to obtain at the start 10% more in relation to the surface of the facade.

Finishing layer for demit facade

The surface is flattened by the surface finish. In the end, there is a finishing layer that can be in different colors and textures. The final mortar must have a UV stabilizer that will guarantee the consistency of shades for many years.

On the domestic market there are a large number of demit facade materials. What is most important is that the material has an attestation and a written guarantee. Only then you will be sure that you have selected a good material.

Special attention is paid to the processing of arches, edges and other surfaces, which require additional processing.

Here is how the whole process is being performed:

Before installing the first sheet of styrofoam, set the leveling angular molding at the bottom to keep the direction of installation
It is recommended that the adhesive is applied on the plate along the edges with the supports and the center of the plate
Styrofoam plates are glued on the wall, and then fixed to the anchor scheme
The first layer of adhesive is applied to the styrofoam plates, before setting the mesh
The reinforcing net is placed in the first layer of adhesive
A second layer of adhesive is applied through the mesh.
After application and drying of the adhesive, the finishing layer is applied in the granulation and color of the facade according to the choice of the investor.
The facade can be moved and finally painted with the desired color.

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