Why each one of us needs access to safe and clean drinking water?

Scientific studies suggest that human beings can live without food for 10 days, but when it comes to water it stretches to hardly 3 days. Even if a person continues to be breathing dehydration can creep in as they are into a state of shock. So pure and clean drinking water is a must for each and every household and aquaguard customer toll free number provides valuable inputs on the installation aspect. So water is a fundamental aspect of our life and without water one cannot even think of surviving. What would be a hurrying sight is that millions of people do not have even access to safe and clean drinking water.

To start off, there is no clarity on sources of clean water. This would mean from luxury to technology, obtaining clean drinking water is natural as compared to lighting. People from developed countries are not going to give a lot of attention, but this cannot be the situation for the rest of the world. Till date there are several countries of the world that do not have access to water for consumption.

aquaguard customer toll free numberReasons why drinking water is a must for every household

Fosters nourishment

Life depends upon water and sooner you take stock of this implementation of law of water can take place. For nutrition water appears to be the number one source. Human body is incorporated with 60 % of water which showcases on the importance of water. For their systems to function in proper manner human beings need sufficient amount of water. In addition, water ensures flow of blood and helps to maintain organ health.

Prevent diseases

Are you aware that if you are denied access to safe drinking water a lot of water borne diseases can emerge? As you consume contaminated water diseases like typhoid of cholera can spring up. Just imagine the case when people only have contaminated water to drink. Cleaning water ensures that you combat various diseases whereby enabling wellbeing of your health.

Flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body

Clean or healthy water helps you to get rid of unwanted toxins from the body. The reason for toxins arising is due to body reactions obtained from exterior sources and because you end up consuming contaminated water.

Water for food production and agriculture

As far as food production evolves, clean water is a vital cog in the wheel. If crops are given contaminated water it can lead to virus or bacteria that get on to our body when we consume them. Water that is needed for agriculture needs to be obtained from pure and clean sources.

Improvement in sanitation facilities

Not only for our day to day life clean water is needed, is water vital for sanitation purposes. If you wash your clothes with contaminated water this could also give rise to a host of diseases. The same is the concern with water that is part and parcel of our daily life.