Details about richest celebrities

It is quite usual that people use to get various details of the celebrities especially the details of their favorite celebrities. Due to the emergence of internet technology there are many sites online to give the needed details. The newspapers, magazines and other forms of media has become digital these days. Many people that use internet use to read celeb magazines and also common newspapers to get fresh news and gossips and also the most important information about the celebrity. They will be eagerly waiting for the updates about the celebrities and it excites them to get updates about the celebrities. Many people would like to know the net worth of the celebrities and besides they show interest in knowing the richest celebrities.

There are many rich celebrities to mention but it will be suitable and also easy to rank some of the richest celebrities in any order of the list. The net worth of the celebrity decides the richness so the net worth is the yardstick for listing the list of rich celebrities.

Some of the rich celebrities given by the most preferred and visited site is

  • Madonna
  • Tiger Woods
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • P Diddy


This 58 year old singer and performer is world famous for her music with wide range of fans around the world. She is a 7 time Grammy award winner and her net worth is $910 million and she stands in the first rank.

Tiger Woods

This famous Golf champion and the legend is the one of the richest celebrity with net worth of $900 million. Ever since his entry in to Golf he is being the best player ever and has many achievements in his list.

Jerry Seinfeld

Aged 62, he is one of the finest actorsthe industry has seen and since his breakthrough he is having an awesome career. His net worth is $860 million.

P Diddy

The one of the most excellent hip hop musician in the country and also founder of Bad Boy World Wide Entertainment Group is P Diddy. His net worth is $860 million.

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