Indian movies and celebrity pictures

We often talk with certain common flick dialogues. These are mostly into practice in our bollywood movies. It is quite common and it may be like the director and the producer might not have thought about that. Probably these dialogues are mostly the lines which make the movies so famous. These are legendry lines or the situations which arise every time in the movie. They become quite public oriented as they create an adventure in our life. These are the logic that might not carry any logic at all. This is the advantage of celebrity pictures that have given Indian cinema a new dimension. Rather we can say that the legendry scenes are just incomparable to bring on the remainders from the past.

10 basic logics of bollywood:-

  1. In the old movies it is always seen the mother is the saddest person and always sacrificing for the son:-

This is probably a scene in almost every movie of the 80’s where the actresses like Nirupa Roy, Nargis Dutta and many others have been struggling for their child. They will be struggling with the situations with either their husband dead or had become bed ridden. This scene is really a common or compulsory one in all most every movie. In movies like that of Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony and many others.

  1. It is still unknown why the Indian cinema has been creating a misconception about the Indian police:-

Whenever there is any murder or accident, it’s the police who come at the end. It might be when the culprit has left the place or the person must have died. This is a common thing in the movies. Movies like koyla, Damini are some of the movies where these kinds of scenes are seen.

  1. Rainfall during any romantic scene:-

Indian film industry has a very good control on seasons. It is because they bring rain in any of the season they want. It’s the romantic scene whenever the hero and the heroine come together, it rains. It is still under research where from the rain arrives that time. Kal ho na ho, dil toh pagal hai and many more movies are there where these kinds of scene are commonly seen.