One of the best rappers in the world

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, born in October in the year of 1972, professionally known as Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the United States since 2000. In his career, he has made ten albums in most of which he is telling a story in the form of rap music. He has mostly made singles featuring her life story and his relationship with his wife and love for his daughter. He is known as a great writer, writing lyrics with utmost dedication and inspiration encouraging and influencing the youth and adults alike to find out the real passion of life. He is currently the second best-selling male hip-hop artist in the world. He has sold more than one hundred and seventy-two million of albums with the fame of being one of the best-selling artists in the planet. He has the eighty-third rank on the list of hundred greatest artists of all generations with a celebrity net worth of 210 million.

Biography and records of Eminem

Apart from ranking him on the eighty-third, Rolling Stone also named him the King of Hip Hop with a 210 million celebrity net worth. His is forty-four years old and resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States. His other names are Double M and M&M. He is also an actor and has debuted in the movie called 8 Mile during her young age. He got married to Kimberly Scott in 1999, and after several years of ups and downs, the couple got divorced in the year of 2001. They got married again in 2006 and divorced later in 2016. He has three children, one of which is Hailey, whose picture is tattooed in his arms and has songs such as Mocking Bird dedicating his love towards her daughter. He is also known as Slim Shady and has an album featuring the name Slim Shady Ep, released in 1997. He signed Aftermath Entertainment with Dr.Dre and eventually gained mainstream fame in the year of 1999 with Slim Shady LP.His current net worth is over 210 million dollar. He has also received the Grammy Award several times for his best rap albums.