Common mistakes to avoid while using tire letter paint.

The bikers are often seen using beautiful color letter pens on the bike tire. The safety is the first reason why many use these letter pens.  Any biker who is travelling to exotic location has to travel through rough and patchy roads. These roads are also not very well light. The bikers often see themselves face the situation of immediate breaking because the traffic could not locate them. The tires are easily identifiable parts which will allow the other drivers to locate the bikers from a long distance. The best solution is to use this easy available tire letter paint.

Users often make small mistakes while using these pens which do not lead to the desired results. These mistakes are not huge but very common as the users over look them.

  • Pushing it too hard. Most of the pen users push the pen too hard which either spoils the tip of the pen or leads to excess flow of the paint from it. Excess paints can lead to a mess and total destruction of the design. The better way is to shake the pen before use and apply gentle force on the pen tip to allow enough paint to flow from it. The need is to be soft with the pen and not a lot of force is required. If the pen does not work with the required force, check the level of paint in it. It is likely that the paint is exhausted and hence the pen is not leading to desired results.
  • Use it on unclean surface. Most of the users often feel that a water wash is enough for the tires to be cleaned and to use these magic pens. It is not the best way to do it. The pens work perfectly on oil free and grease free surface. Water wash do not clean the tire for this. Use a cleaner that wash off the oil and grease stains on the tire if any. The paints might come off if the surface is unclean. The debris and any other form of obstruction should be cleaned off. The surface should even be scrubbed to make it smooth.

The paints will create magic on the tires if these simple mistakes are avoided. The best outcome can be achieved if the instructions are followed in the best manner. Do not let time or haste spoil the outcome for you.