Football news on your phone

As the times have changes our technology has also evolved and it has evolved to a great extent; there was a time when people couldn’t do without newspapers, daily dose of morning news from the newspaper was a must for almost everyone but now as things have changed and evolved the craze of reading a newspaper has also faded. Everything has digitalized and so has the medium of reading news; now with smartphones and tablets most of the newspapers have come up with their news app. Not only newspapers but leading sports channels also and every sport have its own news app in today’s digital world. There are innumerable football news apps that give minute to minute updates regarding the players and the current match that is being played.

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There are quite a few reasons for apps taking over the newspaper:

  • The users can put home screen widgets of these apps that help in quick access of these applications and latest news updates.
  • News can be read in one click. One can even post comments to the users on the stories.
  • These sports and news apps get updated automatically.
  • Football sports app also provides videos of that end goal and of the whole match along with the news update. Live videos are also available through these apps.
  • One can bookmark the news updates they want.
  • Smartphone is carried everywhere so one can read the news anywhere and at anytime while a newspaper needs to be carried along.
  • Newspaper has the news of the whole day together while in news app minute to minute news updates can be seen.

Even though the world has digitalized there are still a number of people who still prefer reading a newspaper early in the morning than checking the news app.