Productivity Hours Tracker

Organizations hire and track an employee based on their skills and working hours looks simple yet it’s been the most tiring and painful experience for human resource/manager handling employees. Generally, Employee’s remuneration during payroll is computed with their working hours in the organization. This is the procedure any employer will assess their employee’s productivity in their organization which in turn meeting their business needs. But it has its disadvantages as well when employers’ business is impacted due to one or many factors made its way to a financial/Business loss to the employer. Following are to name a few which were the probable cases where hours tracker doesn’t reflect realistic productive hours of an employee

  • Employees who clock late and crossing the deadlines every time
  • In-House methods/Tool capture issues
  • Tool utilization is wrongly clocked by employees

These factors affected business due to limitations in the tool or older techniques where Employees have to log in and clock their hours manually in an organization. To avoid these factors, every employer has their own method of tracking every week which helped them to track their employee productive hours and tasks assigned but still, dishonesty can coexist with few of the Employees who would clock hours when they are not assigned/productive at work.

With the transformations in technology, Productivity hours tracking tools have evolved and solved the complexities of capturing productive hours of clocking in real time without having any need for manual clocking by an employee. Technological transformations like cloud computing, Internet of Things and so on had provided enormous options to employers and provided them with low cost /effective tools which ease their everyday work.

Following options are provided by most of the Hours tracking tools with low cost or no cost at all.

  • GPS tracking for real-time clock-in.
  • Photo capturing options while clocking in to identify/match the employee data with employers.
  • Dashboard with all the employee information who is available or absent/absconded or on leave or working on Productive projects and so on.
  • Manual clocking restrictions are available to the manager or lead or any employee conduct is kept under observation by a Human Resource Executive/employer.
  • Employee productive hours dashboard at one place are few of the features available in the market online which would help employers in their day to day operations.
  • Reports can be generated for a number of hours spent with employee information.

By utilising these innovative technological approaches towards these productivity hours tracking tools available in the market, employers can meet their business needs on time, hire right professionals into an organization and capture the real-time performance of the employee and their employer for fulfilling their business needs.