Waiting for Galaxy S9 is fine if you want to have innovative features

Without any doubt, the screen became the most outstanding innovation in the Galaxy S8. With almost identical dimensions to the Galaxy S7 Edge (novelty just a centimeter more in length), Galaxy S8 + received from the creators of the 6.2-inch display (compared to 5.5 inches for the previous flagship). Because almost missing frames on each side, a small top, and bottom frames, as well as the bent edges, unusual sensations of using the apparatus are provided.

The screen became very long: 2960×1440 resolution pixels (WQHD +, the pixel density 529 ppi) correspond to the aspect ratio 18.5: 9. The main advantage of this relationship – the screen can hold more information while surfing or reading. Familiar programs and games on this screen are unusual and give a new experience – you can read about it, but to feel the need to try for yourself. Screen fabrication in the case of Galaxy S9 will be so amazing that the design will ultimately magnetize the customers towards it. The 4K resolution plus UHD pictures with a camera of the 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera and the 8MP front camera will win everyone’s heart because of its shiny bright colours, sharpness and high-detailed snap. We can just say that the camera of Galaxy S9 is fabulous.

Another unusual innovation – the rounded corners of the display, yes, the screen in the Galaxy S8 is no longer rectangular, but it looks and feels so natural that such a feature you pay attention even once. As with other display characteristics such as viewing angle, color and brightness – these options are still on top. Galaxy S8 display has become even a little better than the Galaxy S7, but it’s only noticeable when close comparison. Galaxy S9 will also come out with the same shape as Galaxy S8 has. In addition, By default, the battery saving mode of smartphone will operate in Full HD +, and switch to WQHD + mode will give appreciable advantages – the maximum a clear picture in both modes.


Proprietary interface Samsung is now called the Samsung Experience. Galaxy S8 Shell version 8.1 is installed on top of Android 7.0 Nougat. Differences compared with the shell used in the Galaxy S7 not so much. Galaxy S9 will hit the shelves with a most appropriate Android version. Android 7.2 Nougat will be the best thing in this smartphone providing the best themes and wallpapers plus a reigning speed so that user can experience the fastest device.

The first thing that catches your eye when you start your smartphone S8- no “Menu” button, opens the app bar. Now it is called swipe up from any place of the home screen, but if innovation is not your thing, you can easily restore the button in the settings, or at all to refuse the application bar and migrate all desktop shortcuts. Galaxy S9 will behave as a champion using the virtual Home button and Virtual Bixby button.

The second major change in S8- Briefing panel to the left of the main screen has replaced Day Lite panel. Now it’s not just news, but a kind of analogue of Google Now, which gets important information such as calendar events and weather. Apparently, add your own tiles on Day Lite can any program, but as long as the list of supported applications is limited by a number of Samsung applications. If DayLite you do not like it, as well as Briefing, it’s easy to turn off. In Galaxy S9, we can also enjoy such kinds of cherishing tasks. Galaxy S9 with its innovative internal features like Exynos processor and Snapdragon 845 processor and an outer wonderful display will make you fall for it.