What are the Pros and Cons of Voting Online?

Political elections in any country require the voters to travel to the poll personally or even mail-in absentee ballots. This has certainly resulted in several elections receiving comparatively fewer votes than reality shown on the TV that allows you voting online. While the availability of e-voting in political elections may also change in future, but right now the issue is still in debate.

The Pros:

 Convenience:  Perhaps this can be one of the biggest pros of voting online-it has the potential to make the process of voting more convenient and easier. Plus, for the ones who have the access to their computers as well as the internet online voting would take a little more effort than just a few clicks.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: Well. Once established, the online voting has the potential to reorganize the entire process; this eliminates the need for the voting machine, cote-counting, and election-day workers. Also, the results of the election can be delivered in a short period of time, having a potentially high amount of accuracy involved. The vote would no longer be cast using paper ballots and this could really save papers and ink. The voters can also consider the vote electronique process after doing a proper research for the candidates in case of any issues.

The Cons:

Decreased Efficiency and Accuracy: While the process holds true that the system is right with the right security could really increase the efficiency as well as the accuracy. But if the system has some defects or even tiny glitch can really skew the results. Things like bugs and glitches are very important to consider especially when it comes to the software program.

Election Tampering: As we all know, where there is an internet, there are risks too. The internet is incomprehensibly a large number of computer networks and monitoring those computers from several security threats can be very daunting that cannot even ensure a 100% data safety. Well, that is fine when you are using your own computer to update your blog, but when you are shaping the future of your nation, even the tiniest security defect can cause the dire consequences. Additionally, the savvy hackers could always find a way or two in order to rig the result out of the elections, like tampering with the methods of the process of the elections like tampering with the way e-votes are submitted or even are counted or even when it comes to casting votes for people who did not really intended to vote.