Singapore is located on the Southern tip of Malay Peninsula and is the island country in Southeast Asia. It has been developed as one of the world’s biggest financial centres with major commercial hubs.

It has high-rise buildings, landscaped gardens and precincts rich in heritage and becomes a lively cosmopolitan city, populated by indigenous settlement. If you want to travel to the neighbouring islands Singapore is a great hub on top of being a great destination.

Singapore has two main ferry terminals at Harbour front Centre and Tanah Merah. The ferries sail to numerous destinations in the Riau Archipelago including to Bintan, Great Karimon and Batam Island.

Batam Island is just 12 miles away from Singapore and the majority of ferries ride from the Singapore Strait with a choice of five destination ports across Batam Island’s northern coast. Ferries are fast, comfortable and operated daily throughout the year.

If you want to travel to Bintan which is located at a distance of 30 miles, ferries will depart from Tanah Merah ferry terminal and sail to Bandar Bentan Telani in the north and Tanjung Pinang in the south west of the Island.

Bintan is the most beautiful destination of Indonesia with white sand beaches, world class facilities, luxury hotels, designer golf courses and a tropical climate. And it primarily focuses around a resort enclave consists of nine resorts occupying the northern side of the island known as Bintan Resorts.

The main travel by ferry from singapore to bintan offer you a total combination of 77 sailings per week-

  • Bintan Resort Ferries operates 1 route
  • Tanah Merah to Bandar Bentan Telani that runs 5 times daily
  • Sindo Ferry operates 1 route
  • Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang that runs 4 times daily
  • Mozaic Ferry Lines operates 1 route
  • Tanah Merah to Bintan Lagoon Resort that runs 14 times weekly

The duration of crossings and the frequency of ferries on some routes vary from time to time. However, it is advisable to have a live search to get the up-to-date information for crossings from Singapore to Bintan.