Eligibility and documents required for Canada permanent resident visa

Canada is regarded as one of the developed country which is known for international measurements of which is known for international measurements of civil liberties quality of life quality education and government transparency. Applying for PR Visa Canada is very simple and natural and hence attracts a lot of applicants every year.

Now what is a permanent resident visa and why is it required?  The permanent resident Visa Card allows you to live and work anywhere within the country and will serve as a proof of your legal presence in Canada. The VISA will be required while travelling outside and Re-entering in Canada. The VISA will be required while travelling outside and reentering in Canada

The Perks of having a permanent resident visa are as follows:

  • You can work anywhere within the country
  • You can apply for the Canadian citizenship if you complete 3 years of stay in Canada
  • You can also have the benefit of low tax rate system.
  • You will have the benefit of enjoying various social and economic benefits same as a Canadian citizen.

ELIGIBILITY FOR permanent resident visa Canada :

In order to apply for the permanent resident visa in Canada, you need to meet certain basic eligibility criteria like

  • You should meet the age range of the program
  • You must know either English or French
  • You must have minimum funds so that you can settle down in Canada
  • You must also fulfill the education qualification criteria as per the Canadian education system equivalency.

Which documents will be required for applying for a PR visa in Canada?

  • You should have original and duplicate copies of documents for supporting the application along with your educational degrees diploma certificates and personal identification documents
  • Documents relating to the skills assessment test
  • You must have sufficient proof of your fund to support the application
  • You should have the documents of your language test results of IELTS
  • You must have the verified documents related to educational credential assessment.
  • Other documents relating to the visa category.

How will you apply for PR Visa Canada?

Canada offers at least 60 programs for this purpose. You will just have to apply in any of the Canadian immigration programs like for example the express entry system, the skilled workers program and provincial nominee program.

Express entry system

This was launched in the month of January 2015 with an attempt to make the immigration application process easier by bringing in the electronic mode.

How to apply? The applicant first needs to fill the online profile form including all the test scores and educational credential assessment along with the work experiences. He Is then required to fill out and submit the entry profile which is absolutely free of cost once the application process is completed the application will be processed within 6 months.

Self-Employed person:

If you are self-employed and are looking forward to being a contribution to the economy of Canada you can apply for this program. To fulfill the age education experience language and adaptability criteria in order to apply under this program.

Provincial nominee program this is best suited for applications who have received the nomination from a province or state within Canada.