Computer-Based Test (CBT) – A Brief Account of It

Today, interview sessions are not restricted within the territory of asking and answering questions. Several companies organize tests for assessing the candidates. There are certain courses or jobs where CBT or computer-based test CBT is one of the key parts of the interview session. These tests are taken by the companies to evaluate the candidate’s skill and potentiality and also the suitability for the job position. Today, you will get a brief account of CBT and its benefits. Read on to know more.

CBT- What Is This?

Basically, such tests are based on the computer where you need to use your keyboard and mouse to flip through and answer the given questions those come on the screen of your computer. Exams, like CMRSN and CCHT, are based on this format only.

Which Exams Are Entirely Computer Based?

There are certain exams which are based on computer. These are-

  • Medical-Surgery Nursing (CMRSN)
  • Addictions Nursing-Advanced Practice (CARN-AP)
  • Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM)
  • Addictions Nursing-RN (CARN)
  • Certified Dialysis Nursing Exam (CDN)
  • Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT)
  • Certified Nephrology Nursing Exam (CNN)
  • Certified Nephrology Nursing Exam- Nurse Practitioner (CNN-NP)

Benefits of Computer-Based Exam

These tests are for quite reputed and responsible posts. Appropriate evaluation is the key to select the right employee for the respected positions. Therefore, the benefits of having computer-based Exams (CBT) are as follows-

  1. You Can Get Score Report Instantly

If you have never appeared on such exams, this will definitely attract you to take the test. Once you finish the exam, you will be provided an immediate score report with your result and passing status. If you fail to crack the exam at the first time, you don’t need to lose hope. Rather, you get the opportunities to check out the mistakes you have made and you can learn from those.

  1. Broader Window of Testing Time

When the file of a candidate is cleared, they will be sent a mail, mentioning a 90-day window for them to schedule their exam date and time.

  1. Easy Tutorial and Simple Instructions

You don’t need to get confused with complicated instructions here. Those will make candidates scared. There are no explanatory questions where you need to elaborate things. The point and click format of CBT exams are quite easy to the candidates. You can excel in such exams if you go through a tutorial before taking the exam. There is a large toolbar which has lots of buttons to navigate you to perform easily throughout the examination.

  1. Onsite Assistance Is Available

This is really one of the most crucial benefits of taking CBT exams. If you are taking such tests for the first time, you don’t need to get nervous as you will be provided with trained proctors who can assist you throughout the exam and solve your confusions regarding questions.

Hopefully, you get the advantages of CBT exams. If you are appearing for the mentioned courses, you should plan early for such exams. Maybe you don’t get success at the first attempt, but you will definitely score good marks once you get the format.